Amira Mudfaery Nadira is a passionate artist and creative being. Amira expresses her love for nature and other realms through her imagination with a diverse range of mediums and inspirational tools. She is constantly creating art, music and crafts to spread this inspiration and natural knowing. Often facilitating learning and touring with her gifts, Amira can be found faery-ing around the world.

Amira is passionate about the innate connection we as human beings have with nature and planet Earth. The natural healing arts are a readily available and widely used facet of that connection. Nature intelligence is another means of connection. Amira is also a bridge between these realms. She has studied natural healing extensively and has a deep passion for the caring use of medicinal plants and healing modalities.

“Painting these healers in Nature’s Creation has been an inspiring journey for me into the deeper expression of the plant realm,” Amira says. “I have learned more about the qualities of these amazing plants as well as the life held within each. The illustrations express and share the knowledge, depth and wisdom of these plants. I am excited to have this book and cards in my precious collection.”