17 Easy to Grow Herbs for Tea


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I’m now moving into the fifth week of my Raw Food and Juice Diet and discovering new ways to make raw food and loving it. I still allow myself a herbal tea each night and below are some or all of the teas I grow and use.  Try some of these and use them for health and wellbeing. I love my peppermint, tulsi, lemon balm and chamomile mix…soothing, relaxing and tasty.


Borage flowers – Stress relief and enhance relaxation. Insight: Flower of Optimism and Courage…dispels sorrow, distress and emotional pain.


Calendula flowers – Digestive disorders, detoxifying and cleansing for the liver and gallbladder. Insight: Flower of the Sun…representing purification and ability to see the inner light.


Chamomile flower heads – Calms anxiety and nervousness (great for children). Insight: Flower of Serenity and Balance…symbol of energy and patience.


Dandelion leaves and root – Powerful tonic for liver, blood purifying, anti-rheumatic. Flower of Resilience…plant of adaptability.


Echinacea root – fresh or dried  – made into a tincture – Powerful immune system booster. Insight: Flower of Strength…relieves effects of stress or trauma.


Feverfew flowers and leaves  – Nervousness & Pain. 2-3 each of leaves and flowers made into tea for migraines, headaches and pain. Insight: Flower of Comfort… aids in balancing the emotional body.


Ginger rhizome (grows in sub tropical and tropical areas) –Arthritis, nausea, indigestion, motion or morning sickness. Insight: Plant of Stimulation… stimulates the inner and outer environment, activates all 5 senses and brings balance to the nervous system.


Lemon Balm (Melissa) leaves – Anti-allergic, anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, and antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-tumour. Great tasting tea for: digestive system and all of the above. Insight: Plant of Rejuvenation – Flower of the Bees…relates to emotions, relationships, healing and success. Creating change!


Mullein leaves – Chronic coughs and throat inflammations. Insight: Plant of Inner Reflection… supports one to stand tall, solid and unwavering in the face of adversity.


Nettle leaves – General tonic, especially for women. Nutritionally high in vitamins and minerals. Insight: Plant of Pure Expression…imparts forgiveness and sends the message of exploring new ways of communication.


Peppermint leaves – Antispasmodic, freshens breath and settles the stomach. Insight: Plant of Purification…stimulates the sensory system, awakens and purifies the conscious mind.


Red Clover flower heads –  Liver cleanser, natural blood purifier. Insight: Flower of Regeneration…brings to mind self-awareness capabilities and a sense of knowing.


Rose (Rosehips) flower heads (petals and leaves)– Excellent source of Vitamin C. Insight: Flower of Love…balances (Anahata) the heart chakra, supports love and fulfilment.


Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves – (Grows all year round in the tropics and subtropics but needs to be in pot and taken inside in winter in harsher climates).  Healing herb for body, mind and spirit. Powerful immune system booster and all around super tonic. Insight: Plant of Spirituality…passes on wisdom and divine knowledge.


Viola flowers – Cooling, therapeutic effects for bronchitis, inflammation and blood cleansing. Insight: Flower of the Inner Child…makes available the qualities of the inner child sometimes lost in adulthood.


Willow bark – Headache, inflammation. Insight: Tree of Emotional Balance…deepens connection with feminine side, allows one to move through unconscious emotions or blocks.


Yarrow flowers and young leaves  – Supports digestive system, gall bladder, liver and upper respiratory system ailments. Insight: Plant of Defence…supports and gives strength to those who are easily influenced by others and their environment.


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