About the Author

Jennifer Michelsen (or Divyajyoti, as most call her today) is a yoga teacher in the Satyananda tradition (Bihar School of Yoga, India) and a qualified teacher of Permaculture and Sustainable DivyajyotiCommunity Design. She lives part of the year at Anahata Yoga Centre in Golden Bay, New Zealand, and part of the year in Byron Bay, Australia. Jennifer works as an independent representative for One Group (Miessence), an Australian organics company, and Lifewave, a revolutionary system of acupuncture using non-transdermal patch placement on energy pathways in the body. She has coordinated large organic gardens for many years and studied organics, medicinal plants and healing. However, her passion is working co-creatively with nature.

Jennifer was introduced to the idea of working with Nature Intelligence during a six-week organics class in 1997. Reading Machaelle Small Wright’s books on Perelandra Nature Research Centre and working co-creatively with Nature Intelligence catapulted her into another realm of exploration. Since that time she has co-created all her design and implementation work as coordinator of the organic gardens at Anahata by connecting to Nature Intelligence and establishing a conscious, active personal partnership with Nature through kinesiology.

Nature’s Creation – Knowledge and Guidance through Healing Plants evolved from Jennifer’s work with Nature Intelligence. She believes that part of her soul journey has been to create this book and the accompanying cards. It took two years to begin the process. The project had seemed totally overwhelming until, during a coning (conference with Nature), it became clear that it was overwhelming only in her mind. Nature “persuaded” her not to look at the “big picture” but instead to start with one flower and move on from there. From this inspiration, Nature’s Creation – Knowledge and Guidance through Healing Plants slowly evolved.


Mother Earth was the first physician and healer. Some day, everyone will realize that she alone owns the true pharmacy in medicine, for all drugs are made from Her garden, or a chemical substitute that replicates the effects and benefits of Her plants.
— Alma Hutchens