Jennifer_MichelsenJennifer Michelsen

(or Divyajyoti as most call her today) is a yoga teacher in the Satyananda (Bihar School of Yoga, India) tradition. She has qualifications and teaching experience in Permaculture and Sustainable Community Design and now lives part of the year at Anahata Yoga Centre in Golden Bay, New Zealand and part of the year in Byron Bay, Australia.

Jennifer has coordinated the running of organic gardens for many years and studied organics, medicinal plants and healing. She and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of yoga and sustainable living in order to make changes in the world so that all people live the lifestyle they were born to experience; breathing clean air, drinking clean water, eating organic food and enjoying physical, mental and emotional balance.

Jennifer is a proud Representative for One Group (MiEssence) and feels it is a one-of-a-kind ethical company producing the world’s first truly pure organic (to food grade standards) and natural line of health care products in the world. This is what attracted Jennifer to One Group.


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