What in the World is Monsanto Doing Now?

DNA images

I feel it is very important to focus on the positive, however it is very difficult to remain positive where Monsanto is concerned. It is extremely significant to me to have the choice to know where my food comes from, to buy organic, non-GMO mutilated food. I sign every petition that comes my way rejecting anything GMO related. Recently I came across this radio interview…Jeff Rense talking with Jeffery Smith about GMO’s and the latest GMO developments by Monsanto and their future plans to shove a new type of GMO literally down our throats. Here is the interview based on John Rappoport’s article on Monsanto’s latest GMO innovation to design food plants that make a new double stranded RNA. Monsanto has BIG plans to introduce this new double stranded RNA in seeds, agriculture sprays, medicines and topical administration. Parts of the interview below are basically word for word. I found it very profound and I feel strongly enough about this information to pass it onto you. 

“If you put a Roundup ready gene into a seed you get a Roundup ready protein that makes Roundup ready crops invincible to Roundup herbicide. If you put a BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) toxin gene into corn you produce a protein that is actually an insect killer, however, what this new double strand RNA technology does is that instead of producing a protein the DNA produces RNA. It doesn’t have to become a protein as the RNA itself does the work. Double strand RNA can shut down the expression of a particular gene or activate a gene. It can survive cooking, survive digestion and end up in our bodies. This means it can potentially rewire the brain. Double stranded RNA has been tested on mice and it changed the way that the liver cells produced molecules…showing that it regulated or rescripted the way that the DNA functioned in the mice. It did the same thing with human cells in test tubes.

Double stranded RNA can get into our system through the air, water or skin. Inhaling it, touching it, baking it, eating it…in any of these cases it can be reprogramming the intelligence of our body and our DNA and changing the way it produces protein. It can also affect future offspring. It is invariably dangerous, if not deadly and no doubt it will pollute the environment”.

Monsanto is now buying companies who are working on this double stranded technology as they aim to control this market and they are the ones who are putting out all the information confirming that GMO’s are safe. Monsanto tests their Roundup ready seeds for only three months on a very limited basis. The video link below is the result of secret studies performed for two years by French researchers on 200 rats fed with transgenic maize. The mice developed tumours, and serious disorders. Long term scientific trials on the toxicity of GMO’s have NEVER been done previously. This study (URL below) is the first EVER. It found GMO’s and Roundup ready seeds to be TOXIC long term. Contrary to Monsanto’s rave that GMO’s are safe, these results indicate that further testing is imperative and that all GMO products should be labelled accordingly.

Today, most of Europe has banned GMO’s and people actually destroyed the GMO crops.