Flower Essences & How to Make Them

Taken from Nature’s Creation – Knowledge & Guidance through Healing Plants Book & Cards – Information & Reference Guide 

Explanation of the Electrical System in the Body and How Flower Essences Work  by Perelandra – Centre for Nature Research (www.perelandra-ltd.com) 

THE HUMAN BODY HAS WITHIN and surrounding it an electrical network. When we experience health, this electrical network is balanced and fully connected. When something in our life or environment threatens that balance, the electrical system responds by either short-circuiting or overloading. That imbalance in the electrical system immediately impacts the central nervous system. The body then goes into high gear in an effort to correct the imbalance. If our body does not succeed, we physically manifest the imbalance. We get a cold or a headache or our allergy pops up again or another migraine belts us. Or we get back pain or our neck goes out. Or we become seriously ill. Perelandra Essences work directly with both the electrical and the central nervous systems. By taking the correct essences, we immediately balance the electrical system, stabilize the nervous system and stop the domino effect that leads to illness.

Nature’s Creation – How to Make Flower Essences

Flower essences can be used as a means of self-transformation and healing.  Each plant creates a particular vibration and the healing works on its own precise vibrational level.  Flower essences are extremely safe for everyone, including children and pets, with absolutely no toxic effects or contraindications.  They are also very easy to make.  You may wish to make your own essence from a specific plant.

You will need:

  • small clear glass bowls, one for each flower type
  • purified or spring water
  • filter paper for straining – unbleached coffee filter papers or cheesecloth
  • scissors or knife for cutting off flower heads
  • glass jug
  • brandy for preserving the finished essence, or vinegar if you do not wish to use alcohol
  • small funnel (preferably glass or stainless steel)
  • large bottle with dropper top for mother essence
  • smaller bottles with dropper tops for stock bottles
  • labels and pen

All the items should be very clean and the glassware sterilised.

  1. Choose a nice sunny day to make your essences.  Go out early to observe freshly opened flowers.
  2. Have in mind what flower(s) you wish to use.  Walk in meditation through the garden or around the property.  Allow the energy of a particular plant to draw you to it.
  3. Begin with one type of flower.  Fill a small glass bowl with spring water and place on the ground in the sun.
  4. Consciously connect with your intended flower.  Once you feel a connection, ask permission to use the flower … then carefully snip off enough flower heads to cover the surface of the water in the bowl.
  5. Leave the essence to develop in the sun.  The sun’s rays help the energy signature of the flower move into the water.
  6. It is best if left in the sun for three to four hours.  You will intuitively know when it is ready, or check with kinesiology or a pendulum to be sure.
  7. Strain off the water from the flowers into a jug using filter paper or cheesecloth.
  8. Using the funnel, decant into the larger bottle, filling it two-thirds full, then add approximately 20% brandy (30% vinegar) to preserve the essence.  This is the MOTHER ESSENCE.      Made with care and kept in a cool place it will last at least two years.
  9. Cap the bottle and write a label with the date and type of flower.
  10. ACTIVATE the essence by tapping the bottle 30 times on the palm of your hand.
  11. The mother essence can then be diluted to make ‘stock’ bottles:  Fill one of the smaller clean bottles with brandy.  Just two or three drops of the mother essence added to the stock bottle will carry the energy signature throughout the contents.  In this way, your mother essence will last an extremely long time.  Most essences on sale in shops are stock bottle strength.

The flower essence can be taken by adding a couple of drops to a glass of water, or add a few drops to a bottle of water to sip throughout the day.  Be sure to activate the essence before using each time by tapping the bottom of the stock bottle 9 times or so on the palm of your hand.

Essences can be made with crystals in the same way.  Make sure that the crystal is well cleaned, physically and energetically, non-toxic and will not dissolve in water.

Note:  For endangered species of flowers, use this method:  Hold a bowl containing purified water under the flower head on the plant.  Using a dropper or clean spoon … drop water onto the flower … allowing it to run through the flower head and drip into the bowl … then continue by following the directions above.  This is an accepted method that will still capture the essence and energy of the plant and make a potent flower essence.

An excellent YouTube video, “How to Make Flower Essences,” is at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6NYNgcfXNU