How Hypericum has Impacted my Life

36-st-johns-wort-card-copyLately I’ve developed a deep respect for the healing ability of Hypericum pronounced (Hi-pear-e-cum) or St. John’s Wort oil. Following recent back surgery I’m still suffering from referred nerve pain.  Under the direction of my Naturopath I began rubbing St. John’s Wort oil into the painful areas twice a day. After about a month of using the oil I’m noticing a diminished level of discomfort associated with the pain.  I attribute this to the Hypericum oil. Any level of relief is a blessing.

Also, my granddaughter had a severe case of chicken pox not long ago and we used Hypericum oil on all her chicken pox blisters several times a day.  The sores were agonizingly itchy and the Hypericum took away the uncontrollable desire to scratch.  Subsequently, it truly worked wonders and prevented her from developing scars.

Of course St. John’s Wort is renowned as a natural compound that helps support the entire nervous system. It is excellent for conditions involving the nervous system, producing an overall calming and sedative effect.