No Rain, No Rainbows!


Raw Food & Juice 3-Month Experiment BLOG #7

Sadly, I’ve had to make changes to my 100% raw food diet. As with all experiments…some have successful results while others need to be adjusted to find the solution. In my case I don’t consider my experiment a failure. It’s a matter of adjusting my sails and moving forward with a revised plan.

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had Sensitivity/Intolerance testing done yesterday and most of it I already knew, but there were some REAL surprises. The lady who does the testing is a naturopath and nutritionist. Her aim is to reduce or eliminate supplements so that all the bodies balance, health and nutrients come solely from food. This is also my philosophy. However…not all the foods we eat are tolerated by the body.

She has suggested that I cut out all these intolerant foods for 4 months due to the fact that I have mild IBS and possibly the beginning of leaky gut. This will allow my gut to renew itself. She feels it is best to not go 100% raw at this time as digesting raw food is harder on the gut and will irritate the IBS. Therefore, I’ve added in eggs, fish and lightly steamed veggies to my diet. I still plan to eat at least 75% raw.

I’m now drinking 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water every morning (detoxifying, alkalising) and taking easily digestible powdered Multi B, Vitamin C and Intestamine gut health. It seems that I’m not absorbing water and other nutrients…hence my long term issue with kidney function. She pointed out that I’m dehydrated all the time, no matter how much water I drink so when the kidneys are not getting flushed regularly they cease to function correctly…creating a domino effect…arthritis, etc. This was no real surprise and made total sense to me. I’d really hoped that the raw food diet could shift this but I didn’t have the whole picture until now. The main issue here is that I’m not absorbing nutrients along with water and it causes my immune system to over work in order to keep my body balanced. It’s all a catch 22 but solvable…however not with 100% raw food.

It was a lot to take in and I was a bit disappointed at first but now I’ve re-adjusted my head to deal with the changes. What is encouraging is that the gut renews itself every few months if only tolerated foods are introduced. I’m ready for this new challenge and moving on. No rain, no rainbows!!!!