Raw Food & Juice Three Month Experiment

JuiceRaw food and juice


For years now I’ve suffered from arthritis. I’ve literally tried everything to “get rid” of it. You name it; I’ve tried it and to no avail. Some days I have very little pain, however most days I have varying degrees of pain. At 68 I expect some stiffness of joints…no argument there! However, the pain inhibits my activities and dominates my ability to do everyday activities and housekeeping chores. I like to get everything done in the morning as I have more energy and less pain after I do my yoga practice or Pilates. Pain can be very tiring and by late afternoon, early evening I often find myself with low energy and brainpower. I call this my “brain dead” time.

I’m basically a vegan although I eat fish…probably once a week. I don’t eat dairy, wheat or sugar. My diet consists of organic veggies and grains. I take arthritis and other supplements BUT I’m unable to find the answer to curing the arthritis and I’m VERY determined to eliminate it from my life.

I have friends who eat raw food and juice wiho have experienced remarkable changes in health. Lately I’ve been reading testimonials written by people who have become arthritis free by eating only raw food and juice. My New Year’s resolution this year is to go on a raw food and juice diet for a minimum of three months with the intent to cure my arthritis. During the next three months I will try to put a weekly blog on Nature’s Creation and give you updates on changes and outcomes that occur. I’ll be posting the recipes I use and let you know how I’m managing. I’m already comfortable with making a green smoothie for breakfast and assorted salads for lunch although I’m still struggling with dinners that are hearty and satisfying. 

Next week: Blog #2 will have the recipes I’m using.