Time for Change – How to Maintain a Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle

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Most of us are striving to live a sustainable lifestyle. Our lifestyle, the food we eat,  the air we breathe, the water we drink seem to be determined by unprincipled corporations and government. The ethical decisions regarding our land (CSG and mining), our food (Roundup, additives, preservatives and GMO’s), earth’s climate and destruction of habitat (global warming options) tend to be determined by governmental decisions and financial wealth rather than what is best for us as people …on a democratic basis. 

We need to be in control of making our own changes and standing up for a healthy, sustainable future on as many levels as possible… by growing spray free food in our backyards, signing petitions and supporting the elimination of GMO’s, labelling GMO’s and hidden toxins in our food, preventing the poisoning of our land by CSG, making a difference in the effort to change the outcome of global warming and becoming responsible for our own health & wellbeing. 

It is our right to live in a healthy world…free of toxic, government supported industry and lifestyle. Our health and wellbeing is paramount and the food we eat and feed our families should be regulated ONLY by us personally. It is important today, in our world of toxic GMO’s, Roundup ready food, fish loaded with mercury, meat full of hormones and Fukushima radiation circulating our planet that we look to change before it is too late. Change begins with becoming involved in our community, awareness of health and wellbeing and how we can all personally make a difference.

We can begin making a difference by becoming aware of the food we eat and/or grow.  Food in the super market is a deception of false advertising using words like natural, healthy, gluten, GMO and dairy free…the list goes on but the underlying food additives and preservatives are not mentioned or printed too small for the human eye to read. I have a rule of thumb…if I can’t read or decipher the ingredient, then I don’t buy it. It’s time to turn back to Nature and heed her warnings.

All plants have incredible healing properties if we utilise what Nature is offering us. The food we eat, the water we drink, our lifestyle and environment play a part in our physical and mental wellbeing and are all part of a healthy body and mind. Learning about the importance of healing plants and food is the first step to personal sustainability. When we begin by nurturing our body with healthy food…then the mind and emotions follow.

Nature’s Creation – Knowledge & Guidance through Healing Plants is loaded with information on many plants and their importance in maintaining health. Learn about 43 medicinal plants, their history, myths and, most importantly, their healing properties and the lesson each plant teaches. Discover how to utilise the plants’ medicinal qualities through a variety of herbal preparations, tinctures, decoctions, flower essences, essential oils, herbal teas and modalities such as yoga, meditation, Chinese & Ayurvedic healing. Most of the plants in this book can be grown in a home garden and can be powerful tools in healing on all levels…physical, mental and emotional. Remember Christmas is coming and this book/cards can truly help someone you love get started with sustainable, healthy living.

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