Turmeric – the Ancient Wonder Plant

tumericA friend was flipping through Nature’s Creation cards today and turned over Turmeric. He asked me to tell them a little about Turmeric’s medicinal value and the lesson the plant imparted. Turmeric has been used and studied in Indian Ayurvedic medicine since about 1900 bc. It is one of the most important herbs ever discovered for preventing disease. Few plants possess as wide a spectrum of qualities and medicinal uses as Turmeric. It is most renowned as an effective and powerful anti-inflammatory.

Astrologically Turmeric is associated with the most beneficial of all planets, Jupiter. The foremost significant function of Jupiter is that it initiates life on Earth by stimulating the Sun. Due to their close association, Turmeric and Jupiter together have great power and work as a team to benefit overall health and vitality and support the body systems.

In India where Turmeric is consumed daily, many people don’t know the word “antioxidant”, but they do know that their mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers kept a bowl of “Indian gold” on the shelf and sprinkled nearly every dish with it. They were made to gargle a Turmeric concoction for colds and apply the powder to cuts and other skin problems. Make Turmeric part of your life too … use it in cooking every day to detoxify the liver, stimulate digestion, lower cholesterol, fight allergies and heal skin problems.