What Does Organic Mean?

What does Organic mean

One important thing to take into account today with all the so called “smart advertising” is that just a few “Super Companies” control the majority of food in our supermarkets worldwide. We read the words “organic and natural” on the labels and only one minute ingredient may be organic and natural could mean that an ingredient started out to be a nut and is so processed that it does not resemble the original nut or have any nutrients at all. These companies know how to advertise and deceive the unsuspecting consumer.

Nestle owns nearly 8000 different brands throughout the world. Therefore, we all need to know how to read labels and know what is in our food so these companies cannot pull the wool over our eyes. 

My advice to all consumers is to eat as much Organic or homegrown food as possible to avoid giving our power and our money to Super Companies like Nestle.