Why Are We So Stressed Today?


Sunset at ChakraIn the world today, 80 percent of all disease can be attributed to stress; it is not surprising that many people are turning to alternative therapies. My experience as a founder and resident of Anahata Yoga Retreat in New Zealand has led me to myriad life-changing realisations. As a yoga teacher at the retreat I’ve found that most of the people who come to stay are seeking to make an often dramatic change in their life and lifestyle. Often they come from a stressful city job and have developed varying degrees of strees related physical, mental and emotional disorders. They come to yoga to find a balance in their lives. Many arrive with the intention of staying for just a few days or a week and end up staying for several weeks or months. The changes vary but I’ve witnessed so many incredible transformations and personal growth in people over the years. I always feel humbled and proud to be able to share my knowledge and give others the simple tools to make the changes and bring balance into their lives.