Why is No One Talking About This???


Are you wondering why we are experiencing off the record temperatures, crazy weather, increased natural disasters, species becoming extinct, crops dying for “no apparent reason”? Government coverups and lies are the norm and it’s difficult to know what is truth and what is lies! Here is one explanation that no one is talking about. It is not a conspiracy theory but real. It’s the side of Geo Engineering that is kept under wraps.

What is Geo Engineering? Geothermal energy is power extracted from heat stored in the earth. It is an excellent source of energy for all humanity and includes wind and solar power. These sources of electrical power are renewable and important resources for our future.

Unfortunately, incorporated in this category is Coal Seam Gas fracking and also the use of extensive aerosol spraying of the cloud tops with chemicals by the governments worldwide. It is artificial modification and manipulation of earth’s climate systems through two philosophies…solar radiation management (SRM) and Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and referred to as Chemtrails. This manipulation of the jetstream alters wind currents that alter the ocean currents, and in turn effect everything on earth causing a negative domino effect.

To find out more about Chemtrails and Geo Engineering watch these informative videos and decide for yourself. Below are two URL’s. I believe it’s time to get this information out. We can start small spot fires with people and groups that care. Small fires will grow and spread.

The Most Important Topic For 2013 YouTube


What in the World are They Spraying