Yoga & Ecology Connection

Yoga & Ecology

Lord Shivas pose

Ecology is the study of the interrelationships and interactions between living things and their environments.  Deep ecology recognises that people are an essential part of the planet, not separate and detached observers.  It emphasises the interdependent nature of human and non-human life as well as the importance of the ecosystem and natural processes.

The root of the word yoga is yuj, meaning ‘to join, to yoke, to concentrate one’s attention.’  Yoga is a method of practice leading to conscious union of the human being with universal existence, internally and externally. Yoga ecology is working with the forces of nature, which are not just material energies but powers of consciousness.  Working with the forces of nature occurs at both internal and external levels.  Internally, we need to balance the forces of our own nature as body, mind, breath and spirit.  Externally, we need to harmonise ourselves with the world of nature and the Cosmic Spirit behind it.  Each one of us is a manifestation of the entire universe and only when we discover the universe within ourselves can we really understand our purpose in life.

Yoga is a way of harnessing the secret powers of nature within us to manifest our own higher natural potentials for greater awareness.  This requires a very deep connection with the world of nature in body, mind and heart.  It requires an open, benevolent orientation to the living world – not just human society but all that is.  We cannot truly think or live yogically without doing so in an ecological way as well.