Yoga (inner ecology) & Permaculture (outer ecology) – A Foundation for a Healthy & Sustainable Life

Yoga Nature Lake


The outer environment is in danger from global warming, pollution, and myriad chemicals. As our toxic outer world spins out of control we become aware of the environmental dangers of disturbed emotions, disease, negative and aggressive thinking.

The external environment is a reflection of the environment within our bodies. When the external environment and ecology are out of synch, our inner ecology is also affected. The mental and emotional pollution within us needs to be restored and harmonised just as the outer pollution does. Yoga practices can restore the inner ecology and Permaculture practices can restore the outer environment and ecology…bringing back harmony and balance internally and externally. The two are intricately connected.

For inner and outer ecology we have to consider the food we are consuming…the soil and how the food is grown. If the food we eat is impure then our mind and thinking will be impure also. Food has a tremendous influence on our mind. It forms the mind as well as the body. If our environment is sick and depleted, we will become sick and depleted also. Through yoga we realize that it is our duty and responsibility to look after the two gifts we have been given, namely, the environmental complex upon which we depend for our survival, and the body-mind complex in which we live. Combining Yoga & Permaculture is a foundation for a complete approach to living a sustainable and healthy life.

Last years Yoga & Permaculture Design Certificate course at Anahata Retreat was a huge success.

Yoga PDC Group 2015

Yoga meditation Anahata

Everything is connected









Building Chakra

Plastering light earth building

Compost making









Outside on Anahata deck

Presentation on guilds

Anahata building greenhouse










We invite you to join tutors: Robina McCurdy & Anahata Yoga Retreat this year for our Yoga & Permaculture Design Certificate Course. 

11th -29th November, 2016.

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Anahata Retreat, Golden Bay, South Island
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03)525 9887

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