How to read my digital book file on my device

You can read any of the digital formats of Knowledge and Guidance Through Healing Plants on any devices these days.

The files are supplied together in a Zip folder. You will need to extract these files first to use them – best on a normal desktop/ laptop and from there you can copy to your chosen devices.

See these links on how to uncompress a ZIP file (chose your computer operating system):

Microsoft Windows click here

Apple Macs click here

Files provided:

EPub is suitable for tablets & smartphone – both iPad and Android.

Kindle (Mobi) is suitable for Kindles

PDF is universal and can be used on all devices.

Please check with your specific device first to make sure though.

Here are some basic steps to get the book onto your device:

Add the book file to your iTunes library on Mac or PC

Download EPUB and PDF files on your Mac or PC. To add them to your iTunes library, choose File > Add to Library, or drag the EPUB or PDF file to the Books library on your computer. If you’re using OS X Mavericks or later, you can add them to your library in iBooks. To read your books, sync them to your device. The books must be in one of the above supported formats.

From there you can sync your iTunes to your iPad to read the book if you wish.

Add the book file to other devices

Email the book as an attachment to yourself on the device email (whatever email address you use on your device).

Open the email attachment and your device should automatically offer to view it in its book reader program. That’s it, from there you can save it in your book library on your device. Refer to your specific device help instructions for further info.


Email the book as an attachment to your Kindle email address (refer to your profile settings to find your Kindle email). Once emailed it should appear in your book library screen. Check Kindle help manual for specific Kindle instructions.