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Benefits of Our Products

    • Energy of Certified Organic Ingredients
    • Clean and potent plant extracts of high vitality!
    • More vitamins, nutrients and cancer-fighting anti-oxidants!
    • Revolutionary Bioactive Cold Formulation Superior quality active ingredients!
    • Significant quantities of bio-available nutrients to literally feed your skin!
    • 100% Beneficial Ingredients
    • Every ingredient in every product must be beneficial - all ingredients are active!
    • No synthetic functional ingredients (e.g pH adjusters, colours, pearlisers, consistency modifiers, preservatives)!
    • Unique Emulsification and Preservative Systems - No chemical emulsifiers- unique all-natural emulsion!
    • No chemical preservatives- tested and proven all-natural shelf life!
MiEssence certified organic


      Our unique products, including recently released Reflect sunscreen and our


      are the first comprehensive range of certified organic and natural skin, hair, cosmetic, personal care products on the market today.


      Encompasses all of ONE Groups Certified Organic internal health-related products including our new


      - immune booster, antioxidant superfood and our amazing probiotic products -

IN-LIVEN and gluten free FAST TRACT



      Certified organic household products to benefit both you and the environment. BioPure household cleaner, Buzz Free Insect Repellant, Rain Forest Air Freshner and our

NEW Biodegradable Dishwashing Concentrate.

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